Burrard Arts Foundation is pleased to share that Alexandra Bischoff has been artist-in-residence for the past month. A recent graduate of Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Bischoff (b. 1990) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is concerned with sexuality, feminism, performativity and embodiment. Her performances are physical and often disarming, utilizing repetition and endurance to disarm social constructs of body politics and behavior.

With a month-long gap between Sean Mills and Robert Russell occupying in the studio behind the gallery, BAF offered its first mini-residency to Bischoff to produce a limited-edition artist book. In late 2014, BAF began stocking “Dear Large Bachelor,” a collection of erotic love letters Bischoff wrote to local apartments advertised on Craigslist. The one-way correspondences were erotic, provocative and humorous, offering a personal passageway into the fetishized dominion of real estate.

In a similarly intimate vein, her residency has seen Bischoff searching for anomalies in the architecture of local galleries: an old heater here, a crack in the floor there, a tile askew. Bischoff identifies idiosyncracies through a process of careful looking and documentation. Collecting voyeuristic photographs (picture-taking already a taboo act in the sanctified gallery space,) she slows down the experience of viewership and directs her attention towards the unique qualities of the host rather than the art on display. Released at the end of the summer, the photos will be bound in a tactile book and paired with a poem that reads as a romantic address to oft-overlooked particularities.

Words by: Elliat Albrecht