Gabriel Dubois reflects on his residency and exhibition at BAF

To celebrate the last few weeks of his show DEFT SENF at the gallery, exhibiting artist Gabriel Dubois spoke with us about his residency and mural project (259 Powell Street) with Burrard Arts Foundation this fall. Known for both his studio work and outdoor interventions, the recent mural and paintings feature the spiral form frequently found in Dubois’ practice: lines winding winding in a continuous circuit around a central point. The exhibition of Dubois’ recent colourful, geometric paintings runs at BAF until December 20, 2014.
gabe mural day 2 039
What did you work on/work out during your residency with BAF?
My residency with BAF was a great opportunity for progression both within my studio practice and through tackling our mural project. The time and support allowed for a natural pace to occur within the studio that embraced a harmonious and consistent series. Having all my surfaces and materials from the beginning of the production period was super beneficial in giving the works enough time to breathe and develop. It definitely give me some new insight into how I approach my paintings. The mural opened up a whole new playing field for my outdoor works, as it was by far the largest piece I have done to date. My Skyjack performance proved that I am not only a brother of the brush but also a man of the machine!
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What are you exploring now?
In the studio, I would like to further continue exploring the relationship between the painterly and hard edge aspects of my work. I want to start working larger in order to use my whole body, as the physical aspect of painting is really important to me. In my mural practice, I really look forward to continue embracing scale as well; we are currently locking down some locations for the spring. The Gore and Powell piece reminded me how important it is for me to work outside and how much that has influenced my practice. I’m stoked to get outside again.
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You just returned from a residency in Banff. How was it?
Banff was stunning, the energy there is intense! My time was limited to two weeks, so it felt a little crunchy. I spent half my time in the studio the other half tromping around in the snow. The Banff Mountain Festival was on when I was there and I met a bunch of mountain enthusiasts and filmmakers and checked out some films. They were really cool people doing really cool things which made me question how I spend my time. In the end, I locked my self up and produced  a fresh little series that was nice and loose. A few of those studies will be the blueprints for some upcoming works.
What kind of art do you like to see?
Proactive Progressive Pronounced Productions!
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What would you like to see happen in the arts in Vancouver?
I would like to see Multi-collaborative Art Block Parties sincere with Dance Battles and other Harmonious Interventions.

More public commissions from the city, more cross-collaboration, more collecting, more community!

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