Each December, Lumière Festival brings light, art, and community to Vancouver’s West End. This year, the Burrard Arts Foundation has collaborated on the festival’s artistic component, facilitating installations from Erdem Taşdelen and Tangible Interaction.

This year is the festival’s third iteration and marks its expansion from Morton Park to include Jim Deva Plaza, where both of the BAF’s installations will be found. Beginning on December 3rd, they will remain at the Plaza for the community to enjoy throughout the winter.

Erdem Taşdelen will be contributing Postures in Protest, adapted for the Jim Deva Plaza in the form of six double-sided lightbox signs showing adverbs that describe the ways in which individuals stage protests in popular uprisings. These adverbs indicate how specific actions transpire, pointing to the strength and fortitude of those involved in protest. The piece honours the activist Jim Deva, to whom the Plaza is dedicated, and his advocacy for LGBTQ rights. It is also intended to encourage a sense of pride in those who are fighting against social inequalities that persist today.

lumiere_mapTangible Interaction is also celebrating the site’s LGBTQ heritage. Shine With Pride is a participatory light installation that reflects people’s interactions through stunning animated patterns of light and colour. Comprised of an array of 16 acrylic tubes on a platform, with hundreds of responsive LED lights inside each tube, Shine With Pride is an open artwork that invites people to step inside and experiment hands-on.

When no one is interacting, Shine With Pride displays a soothing, pre-programmed animation. However, as people weave in and around the array and touch the tubes, the piece reacts by changing colours and displaying energetic patterns, becoming more colorful and elaborate as more and more people participate.

Presented by the Lumière Festival Society and the West End Business Improvement Association, the event brings a signature winter lighting event to Vancouver’s downtown peninsula. The festival’s mission of bringing art and light to the Vancouver community aligns perfectly with the BAF’s own mission to create more opportunities for the public to experience art, and we are excited for this new collaboration.

For more information, visit the Lumière Festival website and Facebook event.