ARTIST: Robert Russell
TITLE: Tonic Immobility – Residency Exhibition
DATE: November 5th to December 19th, 2015
LOCATION: 108 East Broadway
TYPE: Painting

Robert Russell collaborated with BAF as a 2015 summer artist-in-residence. Based in LA and a graduate of both the Rhode Island School of Design and the California Institute of the Arts, Robert has always been skilled at drawing but felt he “wouldn’t be a real artist until he could paint,” a self-imposed goal which set him apart from his peers as one of the few painters in his graduating class. Painting has remained his only medium, and although much of his work uses photography, Robert considers photographs to be a material with which to create his paintings, like paints or brushes. Robert takes his subject matter primarily from internet image searches and has always been interested in the way that image searches collapse meaning. They function as an endless stream, often bringing together unrelated images without intention or discretion. Like the multiplicity of an image search, he began designing exhibitions instead of singular pieces. The exhibition, Tonic Immobility, is a culmination of the works he created during his BAF residency.