Welcome Sean Mills, BAF’s new artist-in-residence

Untitled. Sean Mills. 2010. acyrlic on wood panel. 12.5×12.5 inches

Burrard Arts Foundation is thrilled to welcome Vancouver artist Sean Mills to the studio. Sean will be artist-in-residence until May, working on a new body of work that explores his interest in light, transparency and especially pushing the boundaries of paint. Sean is interested in the ability of paint to both occupy and contain space, its interaction with light, and the effects of time, labour, and process. Some of our favourite works of his are cube sculpture-paintings created from layers of dried acrylic and inflated with air from different galleries and studio spaces. Sean graduated with a Bachelors of Visual Arts from Emily Carr University of Art & Design in 2010. His time with us will culminate in an exhibition opening late spring.

White Cubes: CJ MC & E. Sean Mills. 2014. acrylic and air.

While at BAF, Mills plans to work with acrylic on large, transparent surfaces. His laborious process of repeatedly layering paint means that light is transmitted through his works at varying vibrancies and react in fascinating ways to unconventional installations. Stay tuned for updates on Sean’s work on the blog and social media.

Untitled. Sean Mills. 2009. acrylic on wood panel. 8×8 inches.

Untitled. detail, Sean Mills. 2011. acrylic on wood panel. 15×15 inches